5 rythms dance
Free style! (Photo: courtesy of Gabrielle Roth)

Dance and free up your expression!

One of the delights of my week is when I enter the dance studio. There begins an opening into a free space to express my authenticity.

As a kid, I used to dance for hours by myself, letting my inside world find its own expression and being totally into it with joy.

As an adult or so-called ;-) , I experienced many interesting ways of dancing. But certainly, one of my favorites is Gabrielle Roth’s freestyle 5 rhythms. Let’s listen to her:

Dancing is “To return the body to its natural state of aliveness” “We are born to be in movement, to plunge into the rhythm. Our soul dances with the energy of the moment, without effort or judgment.” “The possibilities for creativity are endless.”

Why don’t you give it a try, explore this new territory and fly on the wings of your inspiration? Have a look at Gabrielle’s web site and, very likely, you’ll find a teacher in your country.

By the way, dear Future Shapers, you come from 25 different countries: Australia, Europe, Indonesia, South Africa, North & South America… it’s all a way of dancing the wave together: do you feel that too?

Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
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