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80 articles to become a Super Innovator!

You are The Future Shapers.
Le Creativ’ Center, through its different meaningful projects, has at heart inventing with you a positive, joyous and colorful future!

To feed your imagination at every moment, go through these 80 eclectic articles of Sparking Rendezvous on innovation happening everywhere throughout the world!

Here are the 4 complementary categories to turn you on to new trends, to get inspired by Inventors’ stories, to adopt the Creativ’ Attitude and to practice creative challenges:

- Today’s inventions
Under this heading, boost your inspiration with novelties that blow your mind!
- Contribute to science by playing
- Shigueru Ban, humanist and ingenious architect
- The nettle, new eco-friendly fashion star
- Towards a new economic paradigm
- Here are plenty of other articles about Today’s Inventions!

- Yesterday’s Innovations
Revisit our ancesters’ fabulous inventions which have changed our lifes and continue to impress us today.
- Learn from ancient civilisations
- Thomas Edison : « The greatest adventure of my life »
- Steve Jobs: « One man, one micro »
- Your daily life is extraordinary!
- Read other Yesterday’s Innovations

- Creativ’ Attitude
First of all, creativity is a mindset. How to come up with pertinent and original ideas and have the audacity to make them happen?
- The what and how of a creative meeting
- 9 unusual ways to boost your creativity
- A lesson of inspiration by three Nobel Prizes
- 1,2,3…9 tips on managing creativity by Ulf Wahlberg,Ericsson Research Vice-President
- Other avenues to Creativ’ Attitude

- Creative challenges
Meet these challenges; find solutions and invent creative responses by yourself and with your team!
- Packagings of the future
- How to cultivate your sense of humor in your company?
- How can we turn the boring parts of our job into something really enjoyable?
- What can we do to maintain a tremendous atmosphere within our team?
- Looking for other challenges? Click here!

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We are overflowing with ideas to stimulate your teams’ creativity and to take on your new challenges. How about discussing your new projects with us?

Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
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