Feel full of energy!

Renew your energy!

While walking in a park, you’ve certainly come across Asian people practicing slow and harmonious movements, like a dance. This traditional Chinese gymnastic is called Qi-Gong. This sister of Taï Chi Chuan has been practiced for millenniums by Taoist monks, doctors and warriors and by… the Chinese of all generations.

The movements are easy to learn. Releasing tension, centering on the here and now, optimizing energy circulation in the acupuncture meridians, these are some of the benefits that explain why I practice Qi-Gong every morning in the garden :-)

Cultivating our flow of energy opens us up to nature and to the world, boosts our self-confidence and stimulates our creativity. It refines our perception of life which in turn becomes more colorful. We feel more alive.

Serene and at the peak of our resources, we can approach our creativity workshops with more pep and present our project with forceful persuasion.

So, look at the bright side of life because, as the Taoïsts say, “There is only one thing that doesn’t change, it’s change”.

And you, dear Future Shapers, how do you renew your creative energy?

This is our challenge for this Sparkling Rendezvous.
Share with us your secrets to be at the top!
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The Future Shapers ideas for the creative challenge are just here!

Laughing with people is good for me
People in fact

Laughing with my colleagues is my favorite way too!

Going out to eat at restaurant on my own, like to the sushis place

Have a silent walk into the park next door works amazingly well.

Sleeping is my top priority!

Yes, I enjoy having a creative nap at work: a few minutes help me a lot.

Dive into a completely new experience!

Cleanse your body

Google invites Lady Gaga

Discomfort and excitement

Let’s face it: “I’m a big ideas guy”

Yes, it’s very important to give your creative energy a recharge by thinking positively

Empty your mind

Do it everywhere, in your bed, your office, while shoping…

Get away from habit and routine!

And more ideas on Le Clin d’Œil Pétillant, the French version of Sparkling Rendezvous!


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