Slow down

Slow down to excel in creativity

Find the right pace – the Tempo giusto as Italians say- is for me a constant challenge. Certainly because of my multiple interests but also due to the frenetic rhythm of today’s environment. I propose to share with you a few elements of reflection on the subject and am looking forward to discover yours, quite impatiently I must confess :-) :

- I allow myself to have some breathing room and take full advantage of this free time

- I laugh, dream, play, relax and allow my imagination to tickle my fancy which opens doors to totally new perspectives

- I value quality over quantity. I feel free to choose what makes me happy. I accept to let some possibilities go in order to better achieve the essential

- I try to be more in reflection than in reaction. That gives me the time to think strategically, to reorganize my spirit and to make plans creatively

- I am kind to myself and accept my personal rhythm. I renew myself in nature and that opens my perceptions

- I don’t go too fast so that changes can take place. I tend to be flexible and capable of changing my agenda to fit in a totally new passion!

- I always explore outside the gates and embrace my fulfilling life with my body, soul and mind.

And you, dear Future Shapers, how do you succeed in slowing down to make room for creativity?

Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
Le Creativ Center

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