Passeport to audacity

Remember when you were a baby? Life was a vast playground for discovery. And then you grew up, you became serious, important, responsible and afraid of doing wrong.

Let’s change this scenario!

Go beyond your barriers ! Stretch beyond your confort zone ! Learn to know yourself better; embrace lovingly your good and bad sides. Act from your best side with deep confidence in yourself and in life.

Be open and free. If something doesn’t work, try and try again. As a baby, did you give up on walking because you didn’t succeed the first time? So, pursue your important goals. You don’t have all the solutions or all the answers and you’re not afraid to say it.

You are brave enough to make your own original choices and to dare to launch yourself. Bubble with enthusiasm! Take risks and understand that failure can also lead to success! Have fun in the game of life and stay faithful to your values!

Initiate change! Delight in this new feeling of liberty! When a crisis hits, remain in a happy state of mind, shout out: “And now the fun begins!” You’re ready to deal with new and exciting challenges.

Persevere and have in mind this Arab proverb: “Don’t let go, you’ll risk quitting two seconds before a miracle happens.” Congratulations, you are there!

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Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
Le Creativ Center

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