Positive attitude
Those beautiful rose-colored glasses will help you to keep the positive attitude althrough this brand new year!

Happy positive year!

A positive state of mind enlarges your perception of the world and makes you more creative. These are real conclusions, both observed and scientifically researched.

Barbara Fredrickson, Psychology Professor at the North Carolina University, elaborated the “Broaden-and-Build Theory of positive emotions”.(1)

She showed videos to her subjects in order to induce positive, negative or neutral states of mind. Those who felt positive emotions developed better global vision whereas those who felt negativity were more preoccupied with detail. The positive thinkers also had the capacity to imagine more varied scenarios.

Alice Isen, Psychology Professor at Cornell University, did work  “showing that positive emotional states promote greater receptiveness to new information, cognitive creativity, flexibility, and a better ability to think out of the box when confronted with difficult problem-solving ”.(2)

Other researches have established that a positive attitude carries with it more confidence, peace and altruism. The positive spirit weakens the impression of difference between human beings and we can more easily see our common bonds.(3) We become more attentive to ways for helping our friends(4) and are more inclined to create new relationships.(5)

Dear Future Shapers, our challenge today is the following:

How can we develop our positive attitude?
How can we get to know ourselves better and be able to reinvent ourselves every day?
How can we make our life a piece of art?

Let’s pool our solutions, click on the Comments button at the bottom of the page and there you go! Keep an eye out for new comments during the next two weeks. We’ll report back on them in our next Rendezvous !!!

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THE FUTURE SHAPERS IDEAS FOR THE CREATIVE CHALLENGE : How can we develop our positive attitude?

Slow down and enjoy each action one after another!

Live life fully at a quiet pace and in a harmonious atmosphere!

Don’t let the stress enter your office!

I buy myself flowers!

Everyday something new!

I surprise myself at least twice a week!

Everything comes to an end, even difficult times! To remember that helps!

I love who I am, what I do, what I have. What else could I need?

I congratulate myself for my successes… and learn from my failures

I’m grateful for everything I receive, even very small things.

Increasing the quality of my relationships: spend nice moments with my family, friends and colleagues!

Enjoy pleasure and make it last as long as I can!

Be madly in love with… everything!!!

Take the time to do one thing at a time.

What about a nice massage from time to time?

I take time to remember my best souvenirs! That’s great to live it again!

I also enjoy looking forward a good time with family or friends

I enjoy going on vacation very often during the year: just a few days from time to time helps to refresh body and mind.

I buy myself a little pleasure… every week :-)

Give thanks for all the people I meet, even in difficult relationships: they make me be more compassionate.

One word is essential: share, share and share. That makes me so happy.

Imagine all the wonderful events to come! WAOUH!!!

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