I love ma grand mère

The trendy grandmas

Whether famous or not, the current grandmas have never been this innovative!

Olga Kotelko is a teacher, mother of two children. When she turned 77 years old, she initiated a career in track and field, beating world records. She has won more than 600 gold medals to this day. This 93-year-old Canadian changes sport disciplines every year: 100 meters, javelin, hammer… “I just carry on day to day, enjoy what I’m doing and that’s why I am what I am”.  Watch Olga’s interview here!

Super Mamika, who comes from Hungary, became a star thanks to her grandson who immortalized her by taking her picture as Super Woman. Enter the surprising world of Super Mamika!*

Every week in Paris, the gang of hyperconnected grandmas meets to create multimedia content and to play videogames!

In Benin, the government mobilized grand-mothers to fight against malnutrition. The grandmas are trained to assist pregnant women and young children.

As Pierre-Marie LLedo, Director of the Perception and Memory Research Laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, claims: « The curiosity, the wonder and the pleasure procured by knowledge, the denial of daily routine are the factors that prevent us from aging”, message that we can fully stand by, right Dear Future Shapers :-) ?


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