Honour reflexion

How to better manage pressure? How do YOU do it?

We, Future Shapers, have a lot of pressure in our work. Finding new ideas quickly, juggling between operational tasks, inventions and innovations all the while keeping our energy, lightness, positive spirit and originality.

That’s why I propose this creative challenge: how to better manage pressure?

Voilà, it’s your turn to speak up! All the ideas are welcome, from the simplest to the most elaborate and I thank each of you for contributing to the richness of this reflection.

To pool one, two, three ideas, all you need to do is click on the Comments button at the bottom of the page and there you go!

Keep an eye out for new comments during the next two weeks. We’ll report back on them in our next Sparkling Rendezvous.

The Future Shapers ideas for the creative challenge : How to better manage pressure?

I think Jose Mourinho has good points on managing pressure. The best way to manage pressure is to not feel the need to
have it. Do your best and have fun. Stay loose and limber. Usually the results are better that way.

“Pressure? What pressure? Pressure is poor people in the world trying to feed their families. There is no pressure in football”
“We play without the pressure. We play without the responsibility. Tonight we sleep with sundreams”
Jose Mourinho

Arty : Beautiful, thanks!

For me there is no better way than meditation: it makes me calm and controls my negative emotions. My mind gets clearer.

Just sit down and sleep for 5 minutes

Wanta try deep breathing?

Drawing or colouring a mandala helps concentration & relaxation

Having a drink at the coffee machine

Listen to a few minutes of music on your smartphone

Eat chocolate ice-cream !

Go out for a 5 minute walk

Putting on a few drops of your favourite perfume

Share a cup of tea with your best colleague

Have a good laugh with a joke

Even provoked laugh is good too

Why not get a little massage?

Or make it yourself

Splashing your face with cold water

Do a sudoku or a crossword puzzle or play with my Rubik’s cube helps me to focus on something else

I usually go and see my boss to ask him to prioritize the different tasks.

Remember to relax

Sparkling Rendezvous
I tend to forget all my little tricks: for me, the challenge is to remember them!

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