Fred & Thomas, the joyous inventors!

Popins flies through the rain

On a rainy day, before meeting Popins in Bordeaux, between two glasses of wine ;-) , I had to choose between encumbering and inelegant rain gear or giving up my bike. Now, I can ride my bike in the rain “and be happy again…”

Popins takes 3 minutes to attach to your bicycle handle bars: then you clip your umbrella to the device. When you reach your destination, you can take your umbrella with you or leave it cleverly attached to the bike.

It works with your usual umbrella but Popins’ umbrella is resistant to winds up to 30 km/h. The one I have chosen is yellow so that the sun shines every day.

The idea of Popins came to Thomas when travelling in Japan, where he saw that the Japanese protected themselves on their bikes from rain and sunshine. On his return, with his friend Fred, he developed the Popins system. Today, Popins is celebrating its first birthday and exports itself in Belgium , Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Austria and soon Great-Britain.

And do you know what? The other day, in a crazy rain, just like Mary Poppins, my bike flew over the Seine River in Paris and it was so marvelous! Wanta try it?

Make sure to watch the ultra-scientific video on Popins.fr proving the efficiency of this umbrella attachment!


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