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Aren’t they cute?

The big knit! by innocent

4.30 p.m. … big thirst. I go to buy my favorite little smoothie mango and passion fruit, just to escape to a dream island, white sand and turquoise sea. And what do I see? My smoothie has put on a darling knitted bonnet with pompom. OK, it’s chilly in Paris today, but is it the sole reason? Or is it a fashion statement? Yes, surely!

But also… for the last 9 years, innocent, an English created smoothie, has been roundly behind an original operation of solidarity. They explain:

1/“Kind people (you, us, aunt Martine, the grandmother of your previous neighbour…) are knitting bonnets.” At your house or at a Knitting Café organized by innocent with your favorite aunties all over Europe. Or, if you happen to be in a French train, you might be invited to get an on-board initiation to knit at high speed.

2/ “The knitters send their master pieces to innocent”

3/ innocent « poses delicately the bonnets on the little bottles of smoothies »

4/ For each bottle sold, innocent gives 25 pennies to a recognized charity organization supporting older people during the chilly winter months.

Congratulations to “The big knit”, a happy and generous initiative :-) hip hip hooray! Next edition autumn 2013!

And you, Dear Future Shaper, which solidarity project are you going to invent for your brand?

Discover also the astonishing birth of innocent!


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