Vue de notre cabane
Our cabin and the view, inspiring isn’t it?

What are your priorities?

August 4th, 2012, here I’m in Utö, one lovely island in Stockholm archipelago. We’ve rented, for 5 days, a one-room wooden cabin, a kayak and 2 bicycles.

Time off. Time at another pace of life. Time to dream my future. Time to think what’s really important for me to develop in the coming weeks.

It’s essential, I feel, to have this quality time twice a year.

What about you? What makes you vibrate right now? What’s fun for you? What creative and exiting projects are you involved in today, or do you plan for tomorrow? How are you going to take care of yourself so that you stay as energetic and open as when you are on holidays?

One thing is certain, I’m delighted to be back with you!

For the coming season, Sparkling Rendezvous will continue to make us travel all over the world and even farther :-) but Sweden will be our guest star.


Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
Le Creativ Center

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