Lleo Magic Kit

The Irresistible Lleo Magic Kit!

Discover today The Irresistible Lleo Magic Kit, a heretofore unseen solution to help you innovate your projects!

Here is how I met Lleo Magic! I was away in an expedition to fight Lackus Ideus, this terrible syndrome that steals all our creativy.

Once, in a creative battle, Lleo Magic made his apparition and unfolded his tremendous magic powers. From then on, there was no question of our separating! For you, we have gathered all our secrets in The Lleo Magic Kit.

This kit, Irresistible!!!, allows you to unleash your innovative projects instantly and with pleasure. Thanks to its 3 decks of magic cards and much more… Adopt The Creativ’ Attitude, Find your Creativ’ Inspiration and Make your Creativ’ Difference!

And experience with Lleo a 3 hour training to stimulate your agility and your immense creative powers: that’s Crea Magic!

Go quick! Don’t miss Lleo Magic’s two very short videos, the funny, inventive and engaged lion! Video 1Video 2 -

And then, be sure to visit his brand new Creativ’ Lab!

And join us on # Lleo Magic

Dear Future Shapers, in our next Sparkling Rendezvous, we’ll stroll together down the musical streets in Rio de Janeiro.

Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
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