[:fr]Un jour avec l’économie collaborative - Laura Recio Hidalgo [:en]One day living through collaborative Community – Laura Recio Hidalgo
One day living through collaborative Community – Laura Recio Hidalgo

The sharing economy in Brazil

Around the world the sharing economy is booming and Brazil is definitely part of the game.

Just like Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris or Dakar, more and more Brazilians are aware they have to consume less and act more friendly to the environment. “Access trumps ownership” is one of the mottos of this sharing economy.

You don’t use your car, your surfboard or your lawnmower everyday: why not rent them? You have a spare room at home, what about welcoming a foreigner at your place?

These exchanges are made easy and cheap by new technologies of course. Each “exchanger” has an on-line sharing reputation which is essential for building trust.

Catharse is the first crowdfunding platform in Brazil and is dedicated to helping artists give life to their creative projects.

With Meu Rio, local citizens help Rio de Janeiro to be a better city.

You want to move from one place to another? Try car sharing in Sao Paulo Or car pooling or think of renting your neigbours’car.

Everywhere, Brazilians are reinventing the economic system. The key values are cooperation, solidarity, fairness, sustainability and democracy. And all those values bring people together in new ways. Exiting, isn’t it? So, dear Future Shapers, how could you contribute in your company to the collaborative economy?

PS: If you haven’t seen yet the movie «Demain», run to it! You’ll recognize a lot of Future Shapers whom you’ve already met through Sparkling Rendezvous and discover others too. It is a French film but most of the interviews are in English.

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