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Urine, a liquid as precious as gold

Beware! Dear Future Shapers, when you’ll have read this article, you’ll regard your urine completely differently! Yes, urine has amazing powers and the researchers keep on discovering more and more interesting properties for our future in the domains of health, agriculture, energy and construction.

Here are some of these fascinating nuggets from around the world.

Niger: a country where there are frequent electrical cut-offs. A group of high-school students is in the sciences lab. They use a machine, the Pee-Generateur- cost $64 by the way – which transforms urine into fuel. A single liter of urine is enough for lighting several bulbs, a television or a fan during 6 hours. Look, it’s here!

Ohio, United States, resarchs show that the urine from 1250 people would allow a car to roll up to 480 km ! Figure out how to get that many people in your car :-)

United Kingdom, Bristol Robotic Laboratory: soon, thanks to their Smartoilette, your smartphone won’t die in the middle of the news or during your favorite video game.

Scotland, University of Edimburg : Peter Trimble  succeeded, after hundreds of failures, to produce a material 70 % as resistant as concrete.

United States : The architect Ginger Krieg Dosier invents biobricks : sand, calcium chloryde and urine, a brick which, contrary to traditional bricks, doesn’t need to be fired. This is why it’s such an interesting eco-material.

China: in the schools, a new sort of contest: the winner is… the class which collects the most urine to be transformed into a precious fertilizer for the surrounding fields.

India, the aryurvedic medecine has been prescribing the use of urine for more than 5000 years and has practicioners in many countries. *. Our urine containts not less than 3000 chemical substances while remaining sterile. And several of our medicines have contained urine for a long time.

Dear Future Shapers, perhaps a new field of exploration for your inventions? And which other ressources so simple, so abundant, free and always at hand could also be interesting for your business?

To go further, don’t miss the excellent documentary on French/German TV channel Arte which was the starting point of this article.

*For example, consult the book « Your own perfect medecine » written by Matha Christy, FutureMed Inc

Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
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