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I’m really taking this seriously

How to cultivate your sense of humor in your company?

So is the creative challenge I’m proposing to us today to start the New Year with our child’s spirit or teenage at the max.

So let’s go!

I’ll start with the first idea:
- Slip pictures of your dog doing something crazy in your Powerpoint and say: “Oups! I only asked him to give me his advice on the slides!”

It’s your turn now. And get with it! Click on the Comments button at the bottom of the page and there you go!

Keep an eye out for new comments during the next two weeks. We’ll report back on them in our next Rendezvous!!!

See you soon dear Future Shapers and tomorrow’s Comedians! And a magnificent year to each of you!

The Future Shapers’ ideas for the creative challenge : “How to cultivate your sense of humor in your company?”

Tracy: I don’t cultivate it; that just happens! It’s very natural to me.

Alicia: Have a popcorn party in your office but forget to put the top on when you’re making the first patch.

Anja: Bring in a laughing teacher.

Luis: Work on perfecting your funny impressions of your customers or colleagues

Jules: Comment office absurdities to release the pressure

Luka: Very useful for budget discussions

Caroline: Wear two different shoes

Jo: Humor is a good way to stop a conflict

Karen: Learn a magic trick and perform it at work

Susan: Laugh first, then know why

Josh: Read or watch Dilbert!

Navy: I bring from time to time one of your son’s toy at the office: that makes people laugh

Henri: Wear a funny hat

Masaki : Or moustaches

Lydia: Watch funny videos with your colleagues

Adrian: Bring a strange object in a meeting

Ashir: Or put it on your desk

Jahnabee: Start your conference wearing a pyjama

Herbert: Have on your laptop gingles you play from time to time

Sparkling Rendez vous : Congratulations for all your great ideas! Find more ideas in Le Clin d’Œil Pétillant, the French version of Sparkling Rendezvous.

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Marie-Claire Le Reun
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