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India, land of innovation

Ta da ! The Sparkling Rendezvous officially opens its fourth season! We are very happy to go on sharing with you this adventure that carries us all over the world. After having Sweden, then The United States as a guest of honor, this season we will be in India!

India is 1.2 billion inhabitants, half of whom are under 25 years and has had, these last few years, a fast growing economy. India is a land of contrasts: 300 million citizens in poverty, half of the planet’s illiterates and, on the other hand, exceptionally educated brains in the medical science field -1/3 of the doctors in The States and in Great Britain are Indians. 55 % of the software world market is Indian – and India is at the forefront of e-learning.

Spirituality is omnipresent in this country which is a reference in humanist innovation.

Jugaad innovation is one of the Indian ways of inventing. This Hindi word means one adapts, one ”makes do”, one finds a solution with what he has got, one does more with less, one creates cheap, simple, ingenuous, yet efficient solutions. Exit the innovation for the happy few, Jugaad means you serve the community and often ignored markets until now.   If Jugaad innovation is already a very common practice in China, Brazil and Africa, the Indians, brought up in a frugal context, are particularly brilliant in this field. And the western companies learn to apply Jugaad principles in emerging countries and, more recently, in mature countries as well.

All Indians innovate and find creative solutions to the difficulties they encounter. India lacks water, food, energy, access to education and to health services.

Nothing better for diving into this fabulous diversity of ingenious inventions than to watch this video that shows a few Jugaad innovations or this other compilation or see how this corn roaster becomes an innovator.

Quite inspiring for each of us, isn’t it dear Future Shaper? So, in which sectors of your company could you do more with less? How could you create something quicker and more sustainable to face our actual challenges such as the scarcity of ressources, the rapid technological evolution  and growing mundialization? Come on! Let’s go !

Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
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