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The what and how of a creative meeting

Several Future Shapers have asked me to explain what a creative meeting feels like at Le Creativ’ Center. So, today I will explain!

To carefully prepare your meeting is essential for success: fully understand and express the challenge that the creative group is going to take in hand. The facilitator chooses a diversified group of participants who will be motivated to respond with a great number of ideas. He creates carefully how he will animate the meeting by using his palet of tools which, at Le Creativ’ Center, would act on cognitive, sensorial, fun, artistic and other registers. Each creative meeting is unique and so personalized.

The big day has arrived; actors on the starting blocks, good humor and positive spirit abound ! We plunge directly to the heart of the objective. Today, bisociation is our porte of entry. Each participant gets inspiration from a card pulled out of a hat to propose solutions. The magic of this tool invented by Arthur Koestler comes by the confrontation between two very different worlds.

The meeting continues to surprise with the dynamic use of numerous tools that act as catalysts for new ways of thinking. Oups! Only two hours have passed but already hundreds of varied ideas have spontaneously appeared among us.

Now is time for selection and each participant chooses the three ideas that seem to him to be the most pertinent and original. Ways to creative solutions are put on the road by the group: other researches will be led later on that are necessary to put in motion the most appropriate solutions.

What a beautiful, creative and dynamic adventure has been shared!

And, dear Future Shapers, an excellent news: you really see “la vie en rose” through your rose-tinted glasses. It’s not less than 48 ideas, from everywhere in the world, in English and in French, that you posted online. See them all here!


Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
Le Creativ Center

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