Medecinal Herbman Cafe Project in Fukuoka , 2012 ; photography by Yusuke Komatsu, courtesy of Earthscape

The Amazing Tale of Herbman

Once upon a time, there were 8 very imaginative landscape designers who worked in a place called Earthscape. They believed “in a world where people and nature are healthy and children are happy and have enough space to play”.

So, they created Herbman. You could see this guy that, by some magic, pops out from one big shipping container. His world-travelling home opens up into a very pleasant café. Here, visitors learn about the fascinating effects of their local herbs. Herbman even serves these to them in his soothing drinks and tasty dishes.

But, how does Herbman look? Well, different each time! His body is a giant map of planted herbs located on the parts of the body they help to heal.

And, do you know what? Generous Herbman, who has won a 2012 Green Good Design Award, gives all his extra money to build happy & healthy playgrounds for kids!

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