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1,2, 3… 9 tips on managing Creativity from Ulf Wahlberg

We are happy today to talk with Ulf Wahlberg. We already met him in our last Sparkling Rendezvous. Let’s explore his 9 tips to manage creativity.


1/ “You have to make it visible how much you believe in innovation.”

2/ “Allow extra time for innovation, creative work and time to know what to do with it. 9 out of 10 ideas won’t make it, but one is brilliant! The structure of Ericsson is fairly flat*: so everyone can propose an idea to the hierarchy and more ideas and solutions are generated.”

3/ “Risk-taking: it’s OK to make a mistake if something is new but you have to learn from it.”

4/ “Recognition: For example, we organize The Inventor of the year where the winner gets the award handed over by the CEO in person at a ceremony where several high level managers and colleagues are present. The winners also get presented on the internal web of Ericsson.”


1/ “Most innovation is team effort, not the innovator. Results are much higher if there are human interactions.”

2/ “Driving change is surely a real challenge. So, it’s important to learn from EVERY project: do things differently, work in a new, faster and more efficient way.”

3/ “How do you get more flexibility, the ability to quickly add more things when needed and to be much more interactive? Market life is short for software.”


1/ “You have to make the customer visible for developers and they have to meet outside of the problem times.”

2/”Make people proud of their work and feel part of the success. They have to see their results and be able to say: “That was my contribution.”

For example, invite first customers to internal meetings so that they can explain how they used, enjoyed or disliked the new system.”

Thanks Ulf for sharing and inspiring all the Future Shapers!

            *Swedish leadership style is an interesting exploration


Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
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