Concours Lépine

The Concours Lépine: 111 years of inventions

Dear Future Shapers, where can you unveil your latest invention? Oh, but yes! Of course, at Concours Lépine!

While visiting the 2012 competition, these are the inventions I loved:

-  Econ’O transform your sink cabinet into a touch sensitive furniture: a simple touch of your knee turns the water on and off.

- This ecological and portable water mill uses our rivers water to generate energy

Ice3, a «real» icebreaker to play with your friends; this crazy game was developed on line by 436 editors. To test on hot summer days!

- Evolutionary and revolutionary! Transform your car into an autoshare!

- Coming from Taïwan, the smart shoes  that can morph into sandals

- The concept furniture by Mina and Diego: translucent and soft elements you can arrange into a bed, a couch, a table… according to your whim. Their telephone: + 33 (0)1 45 25 40 15

And so many other inventions!

Do you want to bathe in this bubbling atmosphere? You can visit:

-   Concours Lépine International Paris
-   Concours des Jeunes Inventeurs et Créateurs de Monts en Touraine - France 
-   Concours Lépine Européen Strasbourg – France -
-   Tapei International Invention Show & Technomart – Taiwan-


Marie-Claire Le Reun
Marie-Claire Le Reun
Innovation Consultant-Coach and Head of Le Creativ' Center
Le Creativ Center

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