+ 2° C... Paris s'invente

+ 2°C… Paris s’invente*

The most optimistic scenario established by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates a global warming of + 2°C by 2100.

How does the city adapt to global warming in a positive and inventive manner? Yannick Gourvil and Cécile Leroux from the architects’ collective et alors have painted a good picture of the Paris of the future :

« The idea is to imagine a city that proactively transforms itself to slow down climate change and that seizes this opportunity to reinvent its urban lifestyles.[…]

In this reinvented Paris, the Seine becomes a real hub of city life, the rooftops of Paris become accessible, housing is acclimatized, Parisians regain their streets which were previously invaded by cars, bicycles zip around on fast lanes, metro stations become open-air squares, farms come to the city… a host of alternatives that completely transform the city.”

I invite you to discover this redesigned city through :

-  The bilingual brochure of the exhibition edited in December 2011
-  Or to see it in real life at la Maison de l’Air at Parc de Belleville in Paris, through the rest of the year
-  The illustrated reactions of children who have seen the exchibition

*+ 2°C… Paris reinvents itself

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